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Consumer Testimonials

Spritzn Clean 

1. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: Got this unique device delivered and was surprised to find that 4 AAA batteries were included with the package as well as a generous size bottle of cleaner fluid to refill the ultrasonic cleaner a vast number of times. Works great to remove fingerprints, smudges, and other dirt and grime.

- Russel H. http://rahoesnorthwestohioblog.weebly.com/ 


2. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: You spray it on with this special ion sprayer, wait a few seconds and then wipe if off. My phone screen looked as good as new, not like a lot of cleaners where you are left with fuzzies or smudges. This cleans them all.

- Lynda B. from Denver 


3. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: I figured it would be worth it to try this new product I found called Spritzn Clean and I was wowed right after the first use. I love this product and use it every day!

- Carolann I. http://sassytownhouseliving.com/favorite-gadget-week-3 


4. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: I am just as please with the Spritzn Clean as I was with the Spritzn Wipe.

- Tashia A. http://tashiaasher.tumblr.com/


5. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: I don’t know about you, but my phone and tablet are always full of smudges - especially when the 5 year old gets a hold of them. It (Spritzn Clean) was so easy to use and cleaned my electronics soooo nicely. An A+ product in my book.

- Jenni B. http://redheadfurry.blogspot.com/2016/03/say-goodbye-to-smudges-product-review.html 


6. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean 

Comments: I must say this product is GENIUS!! I will be buying the refills for this.

- Rita N. http://ritaznewatthis.blogspot.com/2016/04/spritz-n-clean-best-handheld-electronic.html


7. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: It is a great way to clean your cell phone and electronic devices easily. I absolutely love the convenience of this and even use it on my laptop every day as well!

- Daniela F. http://danielasiphone.tumblr.com/post/142066705075/i-received-spritz-n-clean-from-spritznofficial-to


8. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: This is a must have to keep your screens dust free!

- Navi K. https://www.instagram.com/p/BDERCw4K-x3/?taken-by=sunny_sharma21


9. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: The unit I originally received leaked the cleansing liquid. I emailed Spritz'n and was extremely pleased with their quick response, apology and immediate shipment of a new product. I was not required to send back the old unit before getting a new one.

- Kate J. http://howtoburnwater.blogspot.com/2016/04/spritz-n-clean.html?m=1

10. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: I like how the sprayer puts out the mist and doesn’t soak your phone or other devices.

- Laurali G. http://lauralisblogs.com/spritzn-clean-phone-cleaning-system/


11. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: I have to tell you, I was impressed with this stuff.

- Lois J. http://theministerswifestampsandsaves.blogspot.com/2016/04/keep-you-electronic-devices-clean-with.html


12. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: This cleaning system is quick, easy, techie, and fun.

- Carol G. http://fine-air.com/2016/05/14/spritzn-clean-phone-cleaning-system


13. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: It works well and the result looked good!

- Kurt L. http://kurtchief.simplesite.com/427395946


14. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: I have to say that this cleaner works really well. Even when my screen was extremely oily, the cleaner and mist was able to remove all the grime and dirtiness with one wipe. 

- Amol G. 



15. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: I have been using it for a while now and I think it does a great job. Nothing that I have ever used before had worked as well as this cleansing mist.

- Laura C. https://lheiberger.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/spritzn-clean-phone-cleaning-system/


16. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Clean

Comments: It is nice that it comes with a carry bag to protect the unit.

- Beverly T. http://bevjthomas.blogspot.com/2016/05/spritzn-clean-spritzn-clean-is-great.html




Spritzn Wipe 

1. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Wipe

Comments: My whole family uses an 'after wipe' when they are done doing their business in the bathroom. Being the thrifty type, I decided to buy regular baby wipes instead of the expensive ones that were made for this purpose, which has saved me a ton of money. However, they are not safe for flushing and have to go in the trash can, which I don't care for. I am very glad that I came across Spritzn Wipe.

- Maggie O. http://maggieshares.tumblr.com/


2. Product Reviewed: Spritzn Wipe

Comments: We just received our new Spritzn Wipe machine and couldn't be happier. My husband says the heavens opened today and brought him relieve. Okay, well maybe not the heavens, but surely the toilet god is smiling down upon him.

- Tashia A. from Denver 


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