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Researchers find mobile phones loaded with Germs.

A London hospital studied phones across the country and found that more than 92 percent contained bacteria, including strains of E.coli. Researchers said the contamination comes from unwashed hands using the mobile devices and people taking their beloved phones into the bathroom with them.

One Londoner, upon hearing the test results, admitted that she’s never cleaned her phone or thought about wiping it down. 




Is your phone making you sick?

Dr. Philip Tierno Jr., professor of microbiology and pathology at the New York University School of Medicine, said 80 percent of infections come from germs found on your hands or you mobile phone, what he calls the “11th digit.”

Tierno and other medical experts recommend these tips to avoid such infections.

  • Don’t share your phone.
  • Don’t let the phone touch your skin when talking.
  • Frequently clean your screen.


What's dirtier than a toilet seat?

Bathrooms and cellphones are apparently now a permanent match. One Denver television station randomly tested mobile phones from its reporters and anchors.

The results found colonies of germs on the phones, including at least one strain the tester was unable to identify. 





Hospital bugged by dirty mobile phones

A recent study has found that mobile phones are a public health risk, but it’s not because of electromagnetic fields. 

It’s from health care workers and the germs their phones carry into hospitals. The study by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene found that 95 percent of the phones tested at a hospital unit in Tasmania were contaminated with bacteria.

The study was conducted by a medical student who noticed hospital staff frequently used their phones but never seemed to clean the devices. 

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