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Spritzn Clean - Q & A

 Q. How many and what type of batteries does the Spritzn Clean require?

A. Four AAA batteries.


 Q. Why won’t my Spritzn Clean dispense cleansing mist?            

A. The most common reasons are: 

  • Batteries - Make sure the batteries have been properly installed.
  • Empty reservoir - Make sure that the reservoir doesn’t need to be refilled.
  • Wet Battery Compartment - If battery compartment is wet, remove the batteries, wipe and dry the interior, reinstall the batteries, slide power cover down.
  • Timed out – The device automatically shuts off after 30 seconds. If the cleansing mist stops dispensing when the cover is open, close cover and reopen device. 


Q. How long do I mist my LCD screen?      

A. We recommend you mist screen up to 10 seconds.


Q. How close do I position the Spritzn Clean from my LCD screen.

A. We recommend you position the Spritzn Clean 3" - 4" from the electronic device screen.


Q. How long should I let the cleansing mist rest on my LCD screen?

A. For optimal cleaning, we recommend you let the cleansing mist rest on the screen for 10 seconds


Q. Does the Tech Clean cleansing mist contain any ingredients that would be harmful to my LCD  screen?

A. No - our formula contains no harsh chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

  • alcohol free
  • ammonia free 
  • solvent free


Q. Can I use other electronic device cleaning solutions in the Spritzn Clean?

A. No. Use of other types of liquids may lead to malfunction.


Q. Can I wash my MicroChamois, microfiber cloth?

A. Yes - our MicroChamois is washable, reusable and long lasting.


Q. What makes your micro fiber cloth special?

A. Our micro fiber cloth is silver impregnated which traps and eliminates daily grime build up.


Q. Why is my Spritzn Clean reservoir leaking?

A. Two of the most common reasons are: 

  • Reservoir Plug – Open reservoir cover and make sure the reservoir plug is firmly in place.
  • Reservoir Placement - Open reservoir plug, pour any remaining fluid out and remove reservoir. Firmly resead the reservoir in reservoir well. You may now refill reservoir, replace plug, close cover and test unit.


Q. Where is Tech Clean Cleansing Mist manufactured?

A. Our cleansing mist formula is made in the U.S. Our electronic ion mister is manufactured in China.


Q. I accidentally sprayed my face and hands with the Ion Mister. Am I going to be okay?

A. You are going to be fine. The Tech Cleansing Mist contains no alcohol, solvents ammonia, artificial dyes or colors and is absolutely harmless. The mist contains deionized water, sodium benzoate and colloidal silver.

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