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Biodegradable vs. Flushable


Bakersfield, CA. – Sewer workers in Bakersfield, CA., are spending an inordinate amount of time unclogging drain pipes. The culprit? Flushable wipes.

“They clog up in our system into a big ball," Mike Connor, street superintendent of the city’s public works department, told 23 ABC News.

Connor and his crews are finding that despite being labeled as flushable, the wipes don’t break down like toilet paper.

“Don’t flush them,” Connor said.






Pensacola, Fla. – The wipes are labeled as biodegradable, but homeowners and utility systems are facing thousands of dollars in repair costs because wipes labeled as flushable are clogging pipes, according to WPMI Local 15.

One utility system manager said the wipes, which are made with a knit mesh, don’t break down. Residents in rural parts of the county are discovering similar problems with their septic systems.







New York – New York City, which is spending millions of dollars a year to unclog its sewer system, is now urging residents to ignore the flushable label on many wipes.

“They’re really indestructible,” said Vincent Sapienza, a deputy commissioner for the city’s Department of Environmental Protection. “I guess that’s the purpose.” 

City officials have gone so far as to introduce a Council bill that would ban manufacturers from labeling wipes as flushable.  

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Washington - The Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with a manufacturer of traditional wipes to stop advertising its products as flushable unless it can prove the wipes are safe for septic and sewer systems, according to The Consumerist. 

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Brisbane, Australia – Wastewater officials say continued use of flushable wipes and other items are driving up utility costs, forcing taxpayers to foot an additional $3 million each year, according to The Courier Mail.

Residents served by the utility have seen their bills increase by $71 to $81 a year. An official with the utility said the agency faces increased costs beyond what it pays to unclog the sewer system. 

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Learning how to use the bathroom can be a time of high anxiety for both parent and child. So here are a few tips to help everyone successfully reach this milestone.

  • Channel your inner Zen – This is going to help everyone through this process. Know that there will be victories and setbacks and that your ability as a parent to ride this roller coaster as calmly as possible is going to help your girl or boy.

  • Time is on your side – Boys and girls take about the same time to potty train, which is about eight months. So don’t worry about how fast or slow they are progressing. Let your child dictate the process. 

  • One before the other – It’s rare that a child will master peeing and pooping simultaneously. See which one they have an easier time executing and focus on mastering that before moving on to the other. 

  • Game time – Whether it’s aiming at targets in the toilet or handing out stickers for peeing or pooping, finding a game and reward system your child likes is a great way to make toilet time fun. And if it’s fun, they’ll want to do it more, helping both of you through this process.

Potty Training Essential Items

  1. Potty Chair / Seat Reducer – Great for little learners.

  2. Stool – The stool will help your child get onto the seat reducer and for reaching the sink to wash their hands

  3. Spritz’n Wipe – Turns toilet paper into a moist cleansing wipe, similar to the wipes most children are familiar with seeing.

  4. Kid-Friendly Hand Soap – Part of toilet training is learning good hygiene. A bubbly or foaming soap will help make potty training fun.












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